The Development of BioPBS ™, from Pellets to Staple Fibre – A Story of a Sustainable Partnership

Join Simon Riepler,  IFG Group’s  R&D  Director and IFG  Asota  Managing  Director,  and Thanwa  Papaiwong, Global Marketing Manager,  PTT MCC Biochem Co. Ltd,  as they discuss BioPBS™:  From Pellets to Staple Fibre:  A story of a Sustainable Partnership.  

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future,  IFG are proving themselves as market leaders in the innovation of environmentally friendly fibre solutions.  In collaboration with PTT MCC Biochem,  IFG are focusing on a common goal of sustainability,  biodegradability and compatibility.  The team have been busy developing a new non-woven fibre solution to seal paper,  for use in filtration products,  compostable bags,  hygiene,  nursery and medical disposables,  to make them more sustainable. 

BioPBS has many benefits,  not just that it is completely compostable and biodegradable in soil.  It is soft,  heat stable,  has great sealing and bonding qualities and is also processable in a short melt spinning line.  It is suitable for food contact to industry standards and is compatible with PLA. 

The webinar covers sustainability trends and the need to move away from fossil-based materials with improved end of life options and shares our vision to be the leading PBS solutions provider for sustainable society. 

 “Our mission is to continually enhance the performance characteristics of our fibres whilst bringing forward a new era of of environmental and sustainable fibre solutions,” says Simon Riepler. “We’d like to invite you to join IFG and PTT MCC on our journey and be part of our collaboration.” 

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