IFG announces Strategic Partnership with Omya

The new collaboration will explore the incorporation of calcium carbonate within fibres

International Fibres Group (IFG) are delighted to announce a strategic R&D partnership with Omya, a leading global producer of Calcium Carbonate. The two companies will work together using IFG’s Fibres Research Centre in Linz, Austria, to explore new fibre product performance, characteristics and applications which will incorporate Omyafiber®, a specially developed calcium carbonate for fibre and nonwoven applications. The two companies will jointly promote their findings into the fibres and nonwovens industry.

The collaboration has commenced with successful trials of the incorporation of Omyafiber® masterbatches into PP and PLA staple fibres, and further polymer types are under consideration to be tested on the pilot line.

Calcium Carbonate is being considered as it is a sustainable and renewable raw material, addressing some of the environmental pressures on the fibres industry. Its carbon footprint is approximately 300kg CO2 per tonne of Calcium Carbonate. It can be used in recycled materials and is also recyclable itself.

When Omyafiber® is combined with staple fibres, the research and development teams discovered improved haptics, opacity and whiteness. It can replace the use of titanium dioxide which has a significantly higher carbon footprint.

Due to the high thermal conductivity properties of Omyafiber® in the polymer matrix, it allows for products to be created that have lower sealing / bonding temperatures.

It is approved for use in applications that will come into contact with food.

In addition, Omyafiber® does not cause skin sensitivity and is OEKO-TEX® approved for use in apparel.

Simon Riepler, IFG Group R&D Director said of the collaboration: “Omya is a well know name in the industry and we are very happy about our fruitful cooperation. The quality of the calcium carbonate is excellent and we are looking forward bringing this quality into fibres and providing a sustainable product for our customers.”

Marco Viel, Vice President Polymers, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya said: “We are excited about  this valuable cooperation with IFG that will significantly accelerate the market introduction of our Omyafiber® solution to the staple fibre market. “

The two companies will collaboratively launch their partnership with a dedicated seminar at the Dornbirn GFC from 14-16 September 2022.