International Fibres Group (IFG) are delighted to announce the launch of PA11 fibre.  

Forming part of the new IFG Bio range, Rilsan® PA11 is 100% bio-based, derived from renewable castor oil, which has a proven legacy in meeting some of the world’s most demanding material challenges. The trademark properties of PA11 include lightweight, flexibility, durability, and overall toughness. 

The castor bean is a sustainable, renewable crop that does not compete with food and does not cause deforestation. With a wide range of applications including luggage, carpets, extreme sports and socks and underwear, PA11 fibre provides the perfect sustainable solution for a variety of end applications. 

“We are delighted to be able to launch PA11 into the fibre market”, said Richard Barker-Poole, IFG’s Sales and Marketing Director. “We are inviting our customers to further research its applications with us, so they can be part of the journey to a more sustainable future.” 

IFG’s company values are firmly embedded in service, sustainability and continuously improving product performance characteristics, with a strong focus on research and development, especially into the performance of more sustainable alternatives to traditional fibres. The company has invested heavily in a dedicated R&D centre in Linz, Austria. Their experienced technical experts work with a worldwide customer base providing bespoke, innovative and flexible supply solutions, which will be perfectly complemented by the new PA11 fibre offering.